Sponsor the Concert

In order to make this event a success, we need to raise a small amount of money to pay our technical support team (audio, video, lights). Our venue, The SPARK Performing Arts Space, has generously donated their place so we can fill it with music on April 30th. The venue has a select number of seats for safe viewing.

 Any money that does not go directly into the costs of the concert will be donated to the Musicians Relief Fund. Thank you for your support!

Giving Levels

Symphony: $500-$1000

  • 4 VIP seats to any portion of the concert.

  • Name will appear on our static screen.*

  • Interview during the concert, could be in-person or pre-recorded.

  • Includes sponsorship of two musicians of your choosing.

Concerto: $250-$499

  • 2 VIP seats to any portion of the concert

  • Name on static screen

  • Includes sponsorship of one musician of your choosing. 

Sonata: $100-$250

  • Name on our donor screen. 

  • Includes sponsorship of one performance of your choosing.

Partita: $50-100

  • Recognition on our donor screen. 

* The static screen is the one that will be up as we shift between performances, so will get the most visibility and recognition. The donor screen will be shown occasionally throughout the show, at the top of every two hour set.

Thanks to our current sponsors!


Venue Sponsor


Fiscal Sponsor